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The Rural Women’s Development Society (RWDS) is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Its origins date back to 1987, when it began as a women’s group within the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC). In 2001, RWDS became a separate entity, independently registered with the Palestinian Authority under registration number: RA-287-C.

RWDS has a strong and respected presence among grassroots rural communities, with over 3,000 female members that form a network of 56 women’s clubs. It is this unique structure, geographic breadth and large core of dedicated volunteers that distinguish RWDS from other Palestinian women’s organizations.

We advance the rights of rural women by fostering empowering and supportive spaces within their local communities. This is achieved through clubs, which highlight women's invaluable contribution to Palestinian society, and through designing innovative projects on the topics of economic empowerment, political and social participation, and the prevention of violence.

We use education and community participation, as well as mobilization, skill-building, and advocacy as tools to develop women into strong, committed and able leaders within the rural community.

Our Vision

Equality between women and men, boys and girls, in rural Palestine, in accordance with the Palestinian Declaration of Independence, as well as international conventions and standards.

Our Mission

To grow a feminist movement led by Palestinian women that is capable of advocating for and advancing the enjoyment of women’s social, economic and political rights, especially in rural areas.

Our Values

The work of RWDS is governed by values that it seeks to embody in its daily practices and strategic work, as well as through the behavior of its leadership, management and employees including:

Justice and working for the most vulnerable individuals






Empowerment and non-bargaining

Our Strategic Objectives

RWDS’ 2019-2023 strategic objectives are as follows:

Enhancing the level of justice and equality between men and women and reducing violence against women and girls in Palestinian society.

Promoting economic justice for women and girls in Palestinian rural areas.

Improve the society’s performance and efficiency, and raise the level of its representation and influence at the national, regional and international levels.

Board Of Directors

RWDS Board Of Directors List is in here

Donors and Partners

RWDS has also recently received funds from Arab Fund for Social an...

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