Strategy and Objectives

RWDS completed the construction of the five-year strategic plan 2019 2023 in line with the Society’s objectives, mission and work developments in it.
As a result of this we reviewed the work of the organization within the context of the Palestinian women’s movement and national development priorities. We also updated our vision and mission, re-organized our work into three key programmatic areas, and revised our strategic objectives so they match our program goals and address the pressing needs of Palestinian women in rural communities.

RWDS Strategic Objectives for 2019 - 2023
1- Enhancing justice and equality between men and women and reduce violence against women and girls in the Palestinian Society.
2- Enhancing economic justice for women and girls in Rural Palestine.
3- Improving RWDS’s performance and efficiency and increasing its representation and influence at the national, regional and international levels.

Community mobilization, lobbying and advocacy are key tools for meeting our objectives. Furthermore, RWDS is committed to working not only with women and girls, but also with boys and men, as well as decision-makers at the local and national levels.
We are guided by the following core values:

• Equity and commitment to the most underprivileged and marginalized groups of women
• Equality
• Participation
• Transparency
• Volunteerism
• Credibility
• Empowerment

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