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The Rural Women’s Development Society (RWDS) is a Palestinian non-governmental organization working in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Its origins date back to 198 ... Read more

Strategy and Objectives

RWDS completed the construction of the five-year strategic plan 2019 2023 in line with the Society’s objectives, mission and work developments in it.
As a result o ... Read more

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Is equality between women and men, boys and girls in Palestinian rural areas in accordance with the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and i ... Read more

Our Structure

RWDS is composed of a general assembly of 57 members, and a board of directors composed of 9 members elected every two years. In addition toadministrative, executive and ... Read more

Success Stories

“I Never Thought Anyone Would Help Me” Basita is a 47-year-old woman from Deir Abu Day’if village in Jenin Governorate. She and her husband have six children and her three eldest children (Muhannad, Shua’a and Inas) have cerebral palsy due to oxygen deficiency at birth. They are now between the ages of eighteen and twenty three years old. It took the doctors three ...

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RWDS designs innovative projects under our three program areas

Engaging Communities in Transforming Domestic Violence Against Wo...

This project was designed as an extension of previous work RWDS has done around Violence Against Wom ... Read more

New Perspectives on Intellectual Disabilities in the Villages of ...

In 2012, the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief (SOIR) – Palestine invited RWDS to design a ... Read more

Honey for Palestine

The overall goal of Honey for Palestine is to reduce economic and social vulnerability of women in 2 villages in the West Bank through community-based business opportunit ... Read more

Olive Oil Soap, Pickles and Maqdus (pickled eggpla ...

Olive Oil Soap, Pickles and Maqdus (pickled eggpla ...

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Freekeh (roasted green wheat), Burghul and Mushroo ...

Freekeh (roasted green wheat), Burghul and Mushroo ...

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Honey, Honey Candy, Organic Herbs, Herbal Oils and ...

RWDS Products from projects we support and monitor

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RWDS’ works in three program areas: Economic Empowerment, Political and Social Participation, and Violence Prevention.

The programs and their affiliated activities have been developed through analyzing our past experiences and reviewing the existing needs of women in rural areas, with direct input and participation women in the communities where we have ...

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Women’s Clubs

Our Women’s Clubs are at the heart of our work. Since 1987, RWDS has established 60 clubs in all geographical areas of the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip that offer un ... Read more

Photo gallery

1. Enabling marginalized women in the city of As-Samu to access water sources and health services... See more    2. production of Palestinian embroidery... See more    3. 60-hour training course as part of a project to build women's capacity... See more   

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MEDSNAIL: Sustainable Networks

17/10/2019 Read more


Our Team

We are a group of dedicated people who are passionate about making the palestine a better place according to our own individual talents and capacity.

Haneen Zaidan

General Director

Lana Shehadeh

HR Officer

Rulla Sarras

Director of Fundraising and Development

Spiro Hanhan

Finance Officer

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