closing ceremony for the project "Reducing Violence against Women by Forming Support Groups in Their Communities"

Today, Monday, 8/31/2020, a closing ceremony for the project "Reducing Violence against Women by Forming Support Groups in Their Communities" was held in partnership with the Danish Foundation DANNER and funded by CISU.

The duration of the project was 19 months, and it was implemented in four villages in the Bethlehem and Hebron governorates. The project included many activities, as it worked to raise awareness and empower more than 600 students in schools about the rights and roles of women, the various forms of violence, and how to reject that behavior and create alternatives to it.

Awareness workshops were also held with mothers and fathers of students at these sites. In addition to holding training sessions with teachers and counselors of those schools in the two governorates on how to create alternatives to violence and the importance of strengthening the role of parents in education to become a good model for their children. In addition, trainings were held for social workers in safety centers in Bethlehem to reduce tension and pressures resulting from their work with women survivors of violence.

The ceremony was held in the Duck Park in Beit Jala, taking into account the public safety measures stipulated by the Health Organization in terms of spacing and putting on masks. The ceremony was attended by some of the beneficiaries and partner institutions.

The ceremony included speeches by some partner institutions such as SOS, who talked about their most important programs, especially during the last period during the time of the emerging Corona virus, in addition to a speech by a male and female student who expressed the extent of their benefit from these meetings. A woman who was part of the mothers' group also participated and raised the need to hold awareness programs for youth, children and men to change many of the outdated beliefs and cultural legacies that exist in our society. The director of the association, Mrs. Nadia Harb, also spoke about the need to enact laws that deter violence and protect women, and the project director, Mrs. Manar Heshmeh, added the importance of adopting the law to protect the family from violence and the need to activate the referral system to protect battered women and the need to train the cadres responsible for receiving women, and the importance of rejecting violence from all Segments of society.

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