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Promote the rights of rural women in their communities

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Supporting the growth of these cooperatives and increasing their access to markets is a major component of RWDS economic empowerment program..

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Volunteering has historically played a major role in building advanced civilizations and societies. The association has put most of its interest in promoting the spirit of volunteering among the members of Palestinian society, particularly among the youth.
People volunteer in the Rural Women’s Development Association to help create a feminist movement in the Palestinian countryside that is able to demand And the development of women's social, economic and political rights.

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The establishment of RWDS and its ability to implement its various programs for the benefit of marginalized women would not have been possible without the generous support we received from friends and donors. We work hard to strengthen relationships with our valued donors, as well as seek to develop new partnerships that will help us achieve our goals and implement our programs and events.

We embrace the core values ​​of Justice, Equity and Commitment towards the most marginalized women

Equality between women and men, girls and boys in the Palestinian countryside, in line with the Declaration of Independence and international agreements and standards.
RWDS seeks to create a feminist movement in the Palestinian countryside capable of demanding and developing women's social, economic and political rights.

Al-Hakora .. Women's cooperative products

Olive oil soap, pickles and muqaddas (pickled eggplant)

Olive oil soap, pickles and muqaddas (pickled eggp ...

Honey, honey candies, organic herbs, herbal oils and bee pollen

RWDS products are projects that we support and mon ...

Mushroom salad

Freekeh (roasted green wheat), bulgur and mushroom ...

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RWDS Programs

Violence Prevention

Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Domestic Violence are global problems that disproportionately impact women and girls around the world, and continue to ...

Economic Empowerment

sustaining the livelihood of rural women has been a key part of our work and we continue to implement projects that focus on income generation, food s ...

Political and Social Participation

RWDS has worked to create local spaces where women can participate in their communities and supported women to become active decision makers